About Us

YourNameYourStyle was an idea that manifested itself prior to the pandemic and quarantine. The idea itself was something that my children and I came up with, following and sharing videos via social media. YourNameYourStyle is a culmination of a mosh-posh of different conversations, about how many ways someone could personalize and make everyday items unique and cool for the individual person.

YourNameYourStyle is the brand you didn’t know that you needed or wanted. We here at YourNameYourStyle know exactly how important it is to stand out and be different. Being different is special, wanting to stand out and show off who you are is important to us, because being happy, confident, and unique is our main goal. Our goal here at YourNameYourStyle is to provide you all the things you could possibly need to stand out and make a statement.

YourNameYourStyle first and foremost wants to provide, share, help, and allow people to cultivate their own personal flair, and style. Our core values and beliefs are that everyone is special, unique, beautiful, passionate, and amazing. So being able to personalize items that you want, how you want, to share and live out your great vibes and energy is what we are here for. We believe in “ your name” and “your style” and we want you to believe in us.


Information about YourNameYourStyle.com will be coming soon.